Koach Promotions offers a unique and creative solution to engage with rideshare patrons in a way that encourages interactions between drivers, businesses and passengers.

High-definition screens ensure a quality of content that is sure to capture the eye of our riders.

Enjoy interactive games, fun videos and track your ride information.

Safe and effective way to interact with passengers through positive engagement.

Koach Promotions

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Ridesharing services are projected to grow 400% over the course of the next 5 years! As ridesharing becomes a more integral part of our society and transit systems, Koach Promotions’ rideshare tablet is going to embed your advertisements and interests at the forefront of this growth.

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Koach Promotions does not record, track or keep any records of passenger facial-recognition data, nor do we utilize any technology that serves to log or assess the physical appearances of our passengers in order to generate targeted advertisements. To learn more about how Koach Promotions is committed to remaining in compliance with privacy laws, local regulations and ethics, please click here.