Koach Promotions

We are offering a new solution designed to improve the rideshare experience for the usual suspects, while also introducing a new and exciting dynamic into the mix. A veteran organization in the vehicle-for-hire/rideshare industry (See Koachapp.com), we realized that we were hearing similar feedback from our drivers and passengers. They wanted the opportunity to make more money, positive engagement, entertainment and information. Koach Promotions is here to provide just that. We have developed a tablet solution that will keep our riders informed, our drivers paid and allow advertisers to engage with passengers in an effective and creative way. Koach Promotions is the result of multiple industries coming together to create a solution they can all benefit from.


With our tablet, it has been reported that passengers have been more satisfied with the service our drivers provide, which translates into increased tips and higher earnings for our drivers. A bit of a conversation starter, the interactive games and trivia can serve to keep passengers busy during the ride, while at the same time allowing for organic interactions through thoughtful pieces presented on the Koach tablet. All of this is subtly curating a more pleasant rideshare experience for our drivers and passengers. Our tablet has a quick and easy application and installation process and next to zero maintenance for drivers. All you must do is apply, install and let the tablet do the rest while you benefit from increased wages and better interactions with passengers. To get a tablet, register to drive with Koach here. Apply for your tablet here.


In-car rideshare advertising is a new approach, but the effectiveness is evident. With a rapidly growing market projected to grow 400% over the next 5 years, in-car advertising provides a unique opportunity for potential advertisers to capture and hold the attention of a passenger over the course of their commute. As a veteran vehicle-for-hire/rideshare organization Koach Promotions already has access to a fleet of vehicles currently circulating, so we can ensure that your ads will reach an extensive network of passengers and potential consumers. This in-house fleet of vehicles is what sets us apart from other in-car advertisers because we retain full control over our vehicles and can circumvent the onboarding process for new drivers. This ensures a consistent amount of exposure for advertisers choosing to promote with Koach Promotions. To advertise with Koach Promotions, click here.