Innovatively Advertising Through Rideshare Platforms


Digital Out of Home or DOOH advertising is transforming the way advertising is done to reach new audiences in unique ways. The out-of-home advertising industry that once focused on single-image billboards and ad placements along bus stop shelters has undergone a digital transformation. Thanks to technological advancements over the past few years, DOOH advertisement has integrated dynamic digital billboards and images in creative and unique places. One of the more popular places advertisers choose to market is through rideshare businesses like Uber and Lyft.

Benefits of Advertising Through Rideshare

People worldwide choose rideshare options over taxis daily for comfort and convenience. Passengers can catch a ride at a moment’s notice, all from a simple tap of their phone. The rideshare business is booming and growing exponentially every year, with thousands of drivers daily to meet the growing demand.

With the availability of rideshare throughout small communities and cities alike, advertisers can reach a vast audience within hours. Through smart screens strategically placed on the backs of seats, advertisers can create videos and images designed to captivate their target audience as they commute from one place to the next. Most riders in rideshare cars stay several minutes to hours at a time, allowing a more significant opportunity to engage passengers.

Rideshare DOOH advertising is much more than advertising to people within the car during their rides. With vehicles traveling to different areas of the city and suburbs beyond where OOH advertisements are not available daily, the outside of the car is a powerful way to send a message and reach thousands of people who simply pass by the vehicle.

Advertisement companies have designed car wraps, magnets, and, more recently, smart screens mounted to cartops. In the way of the old taxi that once took to advertisements mounted to their roof, a digital screen is a way to create an elegant and attractive way to advertise to more people as they make their way through communities.

The drivers of rideshare companies also benefit from advertising in their vehicles. They make a return when they run ads, which is a unique way to supplement their income and help riders find solutions to problems they may have.

Rideshare companies are everywhere and present an incredible opportunity for advertisers to captivate and engage new audiences around the globe. DOOH advertisements through rideshare are one of the most effective and cost-efficient forms of advertising, reaching a wider audience daily.